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Couple Behind $32-M Undelivered Luxury Goods Flees Singapore

A pair who reportedly failed to deliver at least $32 million in luxury watches and bags to their customers fled Singapore by hiding in a container compartment of a truck, Wong Cassandra reported for Yahoo News Singapore.

Photo Insert: Tradenation and Tradeluxury's victims stated that they paid the company for luxury watches or bags, but that the goods were never delivered.

In response to media inquiries from Yahoo News Singapore, an Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) spokeswoman confirmed on Wednesday that a 40-year-old Malaysian man assisted the pair in illegally leaving Singapore. Last Friday, the Malaysian was caught and charged for his role in the couple's July 4 escape.

"The ICA takes a serious view of attempts to enter or depart Singapore illegally and will not hesitate to prosecute offenders for such cases. We are working closely with the relevant authorities on this case," said the spokesperson.

On Wednesday, Singapore police said arrest warrants and Interpol alerts had been issued for the couple, a 26-year-old Singaporean man named Pi Jiapeng and his 27-year-old Thai wife, Pansuk Siriwipa. Pi was detained on June 27 for his alleged involvement in the criminal offenses.

The next day, he was released on bond with his passport seized. Siriwipa, who was assisting the police with their investigation, turned in her passport on June 30. The pair subsequently became inaccessible.

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

Since June, at least 180 reports have been filed against the couple's two enterprises, Tradenation and Tradeluxury. Their victims stated that they paid the company for luxury watches or bags, but that the goods were never delivered.

On April 2, Tradenation was registered as a precious stones and metals trader with the Ministry of Law (MinLaw). Dealers are regulated to protect against money laundering and terrorism financing.

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