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Court: Reparations For Canada's First Nations Kids Are Just

A Canadian court has ruled that the government owes reparations to Indigenous children and their families, who were discriminated against in the provision of government child and family services, Vox reported.

Photo Insert: Children's shoes honoring the lost children and survivors of residential schools

Al Jazeera and Rachel Pannett of the Washington Post also reported that the tribunal found the government underfunded child and family services on First Nations reservations, then pushed those children into foster care.

The federal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, challenged the tribunal’s ruling, saying he wants to “make sure we’re getting compensation right.”

However, the federal court ruled that the compensation — set at $40,000 Canadian per child removed from their home — is not unreasonable, Leyland Cecco reported for the Guardian.

The news comes as Canada recognizes its first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, which commemorates First Nations victims of the country’s residential schools and honors survivors, Rachel Treisman reported for the National Public Radio (NPR) of the US.

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