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Daylight Saving Time Isn't Practical For 1.6B People

Economists, politicians, and the public are increasingly in agreement that daylight-saving time (DST) —when 1.6 billion people change their clocks by an hour—isn’t practical, Quartz magazine reported.

Photo Insert: Studies show that the concept may actually do more harm than good to the economy.

Studies show it can even be harmful to the global economy. Most Americans lose 40 minutes of sleep when they turn clocks ahead an hour in the spring, moreover, $434 million is lost in work productivity in the days after the springtime change.

Only 70 countries use daylight-saving time, complicating time coordination with the other 125. These countries include much of Africa and Asia, as well as Russia and western South America.

“As logical as doing away with the time change may be, economist Allison Schrager is skeptical that the US anti-daylight-saving contingent has enough willpower to push back against its proponents (mainly retail lobbies) to change something that’s already the law of the land. Only time will tell,” Quartz reported.

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