Updated: May 23, 2020

It is a cause he thought of as he grappled with the prospects of the many who live day by day to bring food on the table for their respective families, and he wrestled with that thought when he was at the mall that fateful day before the lockdown.

 "I was at the mall at the time and grabbed a webcam, then started putting all the pieces of tech together to make it work," DJ John said.

And the next day, they were on and the gigs pulsated with the unmistakable clarity to its cause and the audiences responded and with each gig, the Sanctuary raised funds for the local government units which are battling the challenges of the virulent Covid-19 pandemic.

"The first show was on the first day of the lockdown," DJ John said, "and we felt straight away that it was resonating."

He credits Dodo Melicor of DM Entertainment for promoting the show on that first day and in their successive gigs and with many people watching, and "so many people in dire need of help, the fundraising was a natural progression."

So far, the group he refers to melodiously as the Sanctuarians has raised  P175,000 for Manila benefitting Mayor Isko's program to help the citizens; Valenzuela,City  P174,000; American Red Cross through the Sanctuary's American Partner, Trick Entertainment $4,615; an ongoing program to help provide meals for frontliners in the Bay Area $2,870; cash donations to the Batangas via Vice Governor Mark Leviste, P122,000 Musika para sa Mangingisda (Water for Bicol), P43,000; and donations of PPEs, tons of fresh produce bought from farmers in Benguet and brought to Manila; masks, gloves and other health items needed in combatting the pandemic.

DJ John's gigs and the way it touches an altruistic chord in people to pull out their wallets is a testimony to that humanity that we all share and for him and the Sanctuarians "they will carry on."

And he is proud that the gigs they are doing have so far inspired others.

He finds it "awesome" that somebody with a higher profile did a broadcast "and said on air that he was copying what I was doing and trying to raise funds."

"Go Gary V." he said and one can instinctively hear him clapping, his whole being a crescendo of mixed emotions as he twists his arms, points his hands, sway to the rhythm of the music, stamp his class as a DJ, a mindset he had when he was 12 and five years later doing the rounds of three UK clubs and making a noise and succeeding even in this lockdown era.

And for a good cause. An unsung hero.

Go DJ John !