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"Dumbphones" Make A Comeback As Smartphones Become A Vice

"We are observing that basic phones resonate with various demographics and generations," said Lars Silberbauer, Nokia's marketing director.

"Dumbphones" help us break free from the virtual world, allowing us to redirect our focus to the vibrant reality that surrounds us.

He pointed out the phenomenon of "digital exhaustion" among young people, who are taking a step back and considering the use of basic mobile phones, reported Jose Mendiola Zuriarrain for El Pais USA.

Manufacturers seldom disclose precise sales figures, but Swiss company Punkt has reported an increase in sales among younger consumers.

Punkt executive Adam Thomas stated, "Sales increased by over 30% in 2022 compared to the previous year. With the launch of a touchscreen model later this year, we anticipate further growth."

According to Hayley Dodd of HMD (Nokia's manufacturer), basic mobile phone sales doubled in 2022, and the company anticipates continued growth for these models in 2023.

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The advent of smartphones created a new demand: hyperconnectivity. Email, instant messaging, and social media followed suit, fostering an urge to be constantly connected.

The shift to smartphones came with consequences, as experts observed an increase in mental health issues among young individuals unprepared for the immediacy of social media.

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This condition is known as nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia) when a cellphone becomes a source of pleasure and addiction. Now, more users in the US are abandoning hyperconnectivity and returning to basic mobile phones primarily used for voice calls.

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Psychologist Joan Salvador Villalonga stated, "Social networks aim to keep us engaged by employing tactics like infinite scrolling and enticing short videos that make us think, 'just one more.' They deprive us of healthy leisure time, leading to less tolerance for boredom... We futilely attempt to please other people with short-lived posts, causing many to forsake social media and regain their sense of freedom."

In essence, "dumbphones" help us break free from the virtual world, allowing us to redirect our focus to the vibrant reality that surrounds us.

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