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Elon Musk Sparks Talent Exodus

Elon Musk has sparked a huge departure of Tesla employees who are upset by their CEO's crazy pronouncements, which include eliminating positions by 10% and ending work-from-home programs, as well as his Twitter attacks aimed at lowering the company's value

Photo Insert: Tesla founder Elon Musk during a NASA commercial crew demo launch

After Musk announced a return-to-work deadline this week, some of the electric carmaker's almost 100,000 employees may already be weighing their alternatives.

Musk suddenly threatened to dismiss anyone who did not work 40 hours a week in the office, a stark contrast to the flexibility granted by Big Tech businesses competing for the same talent pool, Hyunjoo Jin reported for Reuters.

"Tesla is kick-starting its own local Great Resignation," said Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom, who predicted that 60% of employees would return to the office full time, about 10% would quit, and about 30% would look for another job.

Some tech companies, sensing an opening, were quick to swoop. Scott Farquhar, Australia’s third-richest man and the co-founder of software maker Atlassian, tweeted about plans to expand and offer flexibility. "Any Tesla employees interested?" he added.

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more tech workers, used to working from home or hybrid policies, are refusing to come back to the office full-time. One former Tesla engineer told Reuters he recently took a job at Alphabet because of the lack of work-life balance, including pressure to come into the office during the pandemic.

At Google, he has to come to the office only three times a week, with some of his team members working remotely, he said. He said his friends working from home "are not less productive, but significantly happier."

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Another former Tesla engineer said he had been under pressure to work in the office during the pandemic in 2020 and got COVID twice - before moving to Apple. The threat of layoffs and the return-to-office order come as Tesla engineers are watching their stock-based compensation drop.

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