Give the dunce cap worn by his father to Eric Trump, who has become the latest Trump kid to prove that rank stupidity is a genetic disease in the family, with one wag saying in a tweet that “Eric speaks near fluent Donald.”

In a dig, Huffpost writer Lee Moran said on May 14, 2020 that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and Eric Trump proved he is a chip off the old block after he confused his clichés while attacking Democrats on Twitter. “The chips are starting to crumble,” the son of President Donald Trump perplexingly tweeted on Tuesday: "The chips are starting to crumble! These are truly bad people...”

“Dozens of people on Twitter pointed out that there appears to be no such saying. Others slapped Trump with botched idioms of their own, with one saying 'No use crying over pissed milk' and Rob Tannenbaum adding 'How the turns have tabled! The tiger is now truly out of the barn! Down is away and up is far-fetched!” and another wag said “Time to sh*t or get out of the kitchen” and a nasty fellow chirped in “Listen, he’s between an alligator and a hard place.”

Affirming Eric Trump’s role as laughingstock-in-chief, the commentators added the following malapropisms and spoonerisms: The cheese is starting to curl!;  The milk is starting to jump!; The bake is starting to gum! It’s collapsing like a house of cookies; It’s collapsing like a house of cookies; The cat’s out of the cradle. Sir; It looks like the domino's on the other foot, and; The cheese is starting to curl! The milk is starting to jump! The bake is starting to gum!