Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has accused President Trump of masterminding a “lethal” plot to force the reopening of the economy despite the lingering threat of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers, investors, employees, consumers and poor Americans.

This morally repugnant and criminal plot, Reich said in a video released on his YouTube channel, involves a “lethal four-point plan” to boost his 2020 election chances by reopening the economy “at all costs” amid the pandemic that has already killed 84,000 Americans, a figure that Trump has tagged as not only erroneous but is part of another Democratic plot to frustrate his reelection on November 6, 2020.

In his Huffpost article on May 13, 2020, Lee Moran quoted Reich as saying that these four points are “to remove income support, so people have no choice but to return to work,” “hide the facts” about testing for the contagion, “push a false narrative about ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation’” and seek to “shield businesses against lawsuits for spreading the infection.”

“The biggest obstacle to reopening the economy is the pandemic itself,” noted Reich, as the nationwide death toll from the public health crisis topped 84,000. “Any rush to reopen without adequate testing and tracing, a massive increase from what we’re now doing, will cause even more deaths and a longer economic crisis… He’s trying to force the economy to reopen to boost his electoral chances, and he’s selling out Americans’ health to seal the deal. No matter the cost, Donald Trump’s chief concern is and will always be himself.”

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