About 30 Filipinos responded to a blood-letting drive in Rome organized by the   Associazione di Donatori Volontari di Sangue La Rete di Tutti (La Rete di tutti OdV), an Italian non-profit association of blood donor organizations, last May 3.

The blood donation is a huge effort to help in the COVID-19 emergency due to the lack of  supply of blood at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Italian health authorities have been calling for blood donors according to La Rete di tutti OdV President  Di Iorio who expressed his appreciation to members of the Filipino community in Italy, through Philippine Ambassador to Italy Domingo P. Nolasco.

The blood drive was organized in partnership with iPARAMEDICI, an organization founded by  Dindo Malanyaon and mainly composed of Filipino citizens in Rome focused on civil protection, health, and safety.

It has been collaborating with La Rete di tutti OdV for almost nine years and an estimated 200-300 of its members have participated in the blood donation drives.

Meanwhile, the Philippine embassy said that  Italy has started the Phase 2 of its fight against COVID-19, slowly easing movement restrictions throughout the country. #coronavirusimpact #COVID19

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