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Fox News Boss Lachlan Murdoch Savages Trump Privately: CNN

Fox News largely refrains from criticizing Donald Trump. But, in private, Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch has denounced some of the former President's behavior in harsh terms, Oliver Darcy reported for CNN Business.

Photo Insert: Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch has allegedly gone so far as to tell people that he believes if Trump were to run again, it would be bad for the country.

In private this year, the Fox Corp. CEO has freely criticized Trump, saying that he disagrees with much of the way the former President behaves, sources told Darcy.

Murdoch has gone so far as to tell people that he believes if Trump were to run again, it would be bad for the country. But, the sources added that Murdoch has also noted that the Fox News audience continues to support Trump.

Which is to say that Murdoch knows that supporting Trump is good for business -- and, more importantly, he knows that pillorying him is bad for business because it would alienate the channel's core audience.

Patriarch Rupert Murdoch's low opinion of Trump has been endlessly covered. But, until now, the younger Murdoch's opinion has been somewhat of a mystery.

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"This is notable. A Fox Corp. spokesperson declined to comment on this reporting. But the dichotomy helps explain why the right-wing channel continues to be supportive of Trump, despite recent reporting that indicates the Murdochs are privately disillusioned with him. Last month, The New York Times and The Washington Post published stories indicating that the Murdochs were quietly giving Trump the cold shoulder by emphasizing him less in coverage on Fox,” Darcy reported.

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“That reporting prompted some to wonder: Could the Murdochs finally be steering Fox in an anti-Trump direction? The network's programming over the last 24 hours has shattered any such illusion. Fox's coverage of the FBI's search and seizure of documents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort has been downright sycophantic. Just like when he was in the White House facing scandal, the network's top personalities have rushed on air to portray Trump as the victim of shadowy, deep-state forces who are corrupt enough to use the levers of governmental power to damage him,” Darcy stressed.

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