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The Spanish region of Galicia has banned smoking in public areas amid a new surge of coronavirus infections.

On Wednesday, Galicia registered 816 active cases, an increase of 103 on the day before, according to data from Spain's Health Ministery.

The new restriction was published in the Galician gazette on August 12, according to Euronews.

It states that smoking will not be allowed unless [...] the maintenance of a distance of two meters with other people can be guaranteed at all times."

The measure follows the recent Spanish society of epidemiology's recommendations.

Late July, they advised that "the ban on smoking be extended to private vehicles, public transport stops, university campuses and outdoor areas" on the grounds that the smoke can spread the virus.

Other Spanish regions are reportedly considering introducing the ban.

Spain is among the worst-hit countries by the pandemic with a total of 326,612 cases and 28,581 deaths as of August 12 according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

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