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Geothermal Plant Thrives Amid Volcano Activity

Aboitiz Power (AboitizPower) Corporation has continued its operation of the Tiwi Geothermal Power Plant in Tiwi, Albay, supplying the Luzon grid even with the increased activity from the Mayon Volcano.

Photo Insert: The Tiwi Geothermal Power Plant, located in Albay, proudly stands as the Philippines' pioneering and enduring geothermal facility.

The company's commitment to uninterrupted power generation has been reinforced by the President and Chief Operating Officer of AP Renewables Inc. (APRI), Jeffrey R. Estrella who assured that the geothermal facility has not experienced any significant temperature or fluid flow effects on its electricity production.

Also, he said that there have been no issues related to the volcanic unrest.

Though focused on safety, Estrella emphasized that “even with Tiwi Geothermal’s distance to Mayon’s crater of about 24 kilometers, we remain on safety alert for any possible eventualities.”

The company’s proactive stance ensures not only the well-being of employees, but also the population living in nearby communities.

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Amidst the ongoing volcanic threat, the province of Albay has declared a state of calamity, prompting the evacuation of people residing within the six-kilometer radius "permanent danger zone."

Recent data from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council reveals that nearly 5,800 affected families, comprising over 20,000 individuals, have been displaced from various municipalities and cities within Albay.

Business: Business men in suite and tie in a work meeting in the office located in the financial district.

To support the evacuation efforts led by the provincial government, Aboitiz Foundation Inc., the social development arm of the Aboitiz Group, has donated 10,000 sacks of 5 kilograms of rice to the evacuees in the towns of Camalig and Daraga.

This contribution aims to provide sustenance to those seeking refuge in local government-owned evacuation centers, public schools, and other converted buildings acting as temporary shelters.

Entrepreneurship: Business woman smiling, working and reading from mobile phone In front of laptop in the financial district.

Albay's 2nd District Representative, Joey Sarte Salceda, received the donation on behalf of the province, while the Ago Medical and Educational Center (AMEC) generously offered their gymnasium as a temporary storage facility for the rice.

These efforts showcase the company's commitment to sustainable power generation and its dedication to supporting local communities in times of crisis.

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AboitizPower subsidiary APRI now stands as one of the prominent geothermal energy producers in the Philippines. As the operator of both the Tiwi Facility and the MakBan Geothermal Power Plant, APRI currently generates 118 MW and 231 MW of geothermal energy, respectively.

Moreover, Aboitiz Power Corporation is making strides in expanding its clean energy capacity. The construction of a binary geothermal plant within the Tiwi Facility is progressing, aiming to contribute an additional 17 MW of clean electricity by the end of the year.

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This project harnesses residual heat from the hot brine side of the geothermal production process, further solidifying Aboitiz Power Corporation's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

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