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German Start-Up Wants You To Eat Only Food Shaped Into Squares

It's hard to fathom why someone would want to eat what appears to be fancy baby food that's been molded into a square and microwaved instead of doing literally anything else in the kitchen.

Photo Insert: A sample of the SquarEat menu

But a start-up called SquarEat is taking a bet on its concept - 50-gram squares of various foods that can be ordered as a meal plan - with a run on the crowdfunding platform Wefunder that surprisingly has raised more than $150,000 dollars so far.

The pricing for the "meal plans" isn't clear yet, but it foresees deliveries of various pairings of between four and six squares per "meal," and the option for anywhere from five to 20 meals a week.

The American Meal-Box, for example, features three beef squares, two sweet potato squares, and a broccoli and spinach square in a regular size.

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That sounds less romantic than Squareat's description: "Prime cut beef with green mixed vegetables and high-quality carbs. Mustard sauce and herb-infused Italian extra virgin olive oil on the side."

That box starts at $6.50 and weighs in at about 400 calories. The Sweet Treat Meal-Box is just six choco pancake squares, with Canadian maple syrup on the side. That starts at $5.50.


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