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HappyOrNot now allows brands to connect with its customers and employees, anywhere, with instant and actionable high-volume feedback.

Continuous innovation is at the core of the long–time global leader in physical experience management with its cute, lovable and trusted 4-Smileys, HappyorNot has just announced a significant expansion of its suite which now includes digital feedback collection servicing.

HappyorNot’s new suite of digital solutions, named Smiley Digital™, is designed as a perfect complement to the brand’s current Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch products as they provide business with even greater feedback volumes and experience insights for both their physical and digital channels. 

By also covering the online presence with Smiley Digital, companies gain the 3-tier level of feedback (Smiley choice – follow-up selection – open comments) from customers, visitors, partners, and employees. The high response rates, coupled with the insights analyzed in the reporting service, enables businesses to quickly pinpoint problem areas, uncover causes, and make improvements that are not only informed by data, but can crucially be tracked and measured too.

There are three different Smiley Digital options presently available to complement the Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch products: 

· Solo – The Solo is a purely digital survey solution for virtually any physical or digital touchpoint.  It enables seamless feedback in both digital experience and physical location touchpoints. It also provides multiple ways to capture feedback, including emails, SMS messages, printed or digital receipts, apps, and QR code placements. 

· Embed – The Embed survey can now be integrated into mobile apps, web pages, online stores, and intranet pages. Easily implemented with a ready-made JavaScript code, while response rates can be increased with optimal placement. It can be leisurely positioned at desired experience points that companies need to receive feedback on, such as a product search page or shopping cart.  

· Pop-up (formerly Web Smileys) – The Pop-up Smileys can be added as a pop-up on any web page, online store, or intranet page, and boast an 80% response rate. This is always linked to a Smiley Terminal or Touch product. It can be used at the end of the customer journey, such as on the ‘thank you’ or checkout page.  It also allows customers to provide feedback on their overall experience. 

How does it all work?

HappyOrNot’s Smiley Digital ensemble amazingly allows brands to discover what’s behind the customer or employee’s experience while maintaining higher response rates in 3 very easy steps: 

· 4-Smileys - Find out how customers or employees really feel about their overall experience with your brand.

· Follow-up Question - Identify the highest or lowest-ranked categorized experience point with a tailored set of follow-up options. 

· Open Feedback - Gain in-depth, contextualized insight into why users rate their experiences happy or not.

Bonus! Earlier this year, HappyOrNot also released the Smiley Link, which enables customers and employees to provide contactless feedback on a physical Smiley Terminal or Smiley Touch terminal by using a QR code or short web address with their mobile devices. Visit the link to learn more. 

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