• By The Financial District


Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Eastman Kodak Co.’s $765 million loan agreement with the US government to produce pharmaceutical ingredients has been put on hold due to “recent allegations of wrongdoing,” the US International Development Finance Corp (DFC) said.

Earlier this week, senior Democratic lawmakers asked federal regulators to investigate securities transactions made by the company and its executives around the time it learned it could receive the government loan, Kanishka Singh wrote for Reuters

“Recent allegations of wrongdoing raise serious concerns,” DFC said late on Friday in a tweet. “We will not proceed any further unless these allegations are cleared,” the DFC said. It was referring to a letter of interest it signed on July 28 with Kodak. 

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the government would investigate the circumstances surrounding the announcement of the loan, which will help the photographic equipment maker shift into making pharmaceuticals at its US factories. Kodak shares surged more than 1,000% last week after the loan deal was announced, generating a windfall for executives, some of whom had received options one day earlier.