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One Meralco Foundation (OMF) has supercharged its CSR work energizing island communities, bringing into the grid poor families, and working full blast in responding to the pandemic’s challenge by helping frontliners with their needs.

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OMF president Jeffrey Tarayao today told the “In the Heart of Business“ radio program at DWIZ about the commendable ways that Meralco employees have reached out to communities in need especially those bereft of electricity connection.

He said that the foundation has now come up with a program of energizing island communities, especially those in far-flung provinces to allow them to benefit from having electricity. What the OMF does is donate solar power to a community and, from there, Meralco employees in turn donate TVs, laptops, and other items that provide meaningful difference to the said communities.

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Tarayao said all of the Meralco employees that include its president lawyer Ray Espinosa participate in this CSR work, dubbed “One Day to Give”, whereby they contribute their earnings for the day, or week or 10 days for certain far-reaching programs that benefit far-flung communities and in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that what he finds “heroic” is when solar panels are installed in school communities and with this see “the great relief to know that teachers develop Also, with the energizing of communities that are off the electricity grid, the students find time to learn about concepts.

For instance, he said that in the solar power energizing of a T-boli community in South Cotabato and the supply of laptops and TV panels, the students can better understand “constellations” as they can immediately google them.

The solar panels that One Meralco Foundation usually give to island communities that can be reached by hours-long banca ride and travel in mountainous terrain accessible via 4x4 vehicle are then complemented with the donation of laptops and TV and multimedia equipment coming from Meralco employees.

One notable CSR work of OMF is that of connecting the poor such as a community of informal settlers in a place called PNR because it is located along a railway line to Meralco’s line.

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Tarayao said that the households who are connected via sub-meters are able to save much since their electricity bills go down from P3,000 to P600. This program is part of OMF’s CSR to bring into the grid the poor families in conjunction with local government units.

Tarayao said that when COVID-19 struck, the Meralco employees and the foundation joined hands in donating PPEs to frontliners and supplying other needs such as farm produce especially when they found out about a community in the Mountain Province that had excess vegetables of which they needed to dispose.

Aside from this, the foundation was also able to help in putting up quarantine facilities and providing care packages to those affected that include test kits and other requirements of hospital personnel.


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Happyornot makes feedback terminals measuring customer satisfaction sing smiley-face buttons.