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Russia Produces Three Times More Artillery Ammo Than U.S. And Europe For Ukraine

Russia appears on track to produce nearly three times more artillery munitions than the US and Europe, a key advantage ahead of what is expected to be another Russian offensive in Ukraine later this year, as reported by Katie Bo Lillis, Natasha Bertrand, Oren Liebermann, and Haley Britzky for CNN.

Collectively, the US and Europe can generate only about 1.2 million munitions annually to send to Kyiv. I Photo: NATO Facebook

According to NATO intelligence estimates of Russian defense production shared with CNN, as well as sources familiar with Western efforts to arm Ukraine, Russia is producing about 250,000 artillery munitions per month, or about 3 million a year.

Collectively, the US and Europe can generate only about 1.2 million munitions annually to send to Kyiv, a senior European intelligence official told CNN.

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The US military set a goal to produce 100,000 rounds of artillery a month by the end of 2025 — less than half of the Russian monthly output — and even that number is now out of reach with $60 billion in Ukraine funding stalled in Congress, a senior Army official told reporters last week.

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“What we are in now is a production war,” a senior NATO official told CNN. “The outcome in Ukraine depends on how each side is equipped to conduct this war.”

Officials say Russia is currently firing around 10,000 shells a day, compared to just 2,000 a day from the Ukrainian side. The ratio is worse in some places along the 600-mile front, according to a European intelligence official.

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