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Meet The Burger Baron: Patrick Dy

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

In an industry perpetually swept by shifting trends and fleeting flavors, Hackensack 1950s Hamburgers proudly stands as a steadfast emblem of timeless authenticity and culinary mastery.

Dining at Hackensack 1950s Hamburgers transcends the mere act of consuming a meal; it's a voyage back in time. | Photos: Hackensack 1950’s Hamburgers

While many scramble to chase the latest trends, Hackensack confidently steers its own course, transforming into a classic diner-burger haven that champions a simple, no-frills menu.

This unwavering commitment to innovation has set them apart as a beacon in the culinary landscape. As Hackensack sets its sights on the future, an impressive expansion is on the horizon with the inauguration of a second diner in BF Homes Paranaque.

This new location, boasting three times the space of their original Quezon City branch, stands as a testament to their burgeoning success and soaring popularity.

We had the honor of engaging in a conversation with the visionary driving this culinary voyage, none other than Mr. Patrick Dy, the Founder and CEO of Hackensack 1950s Hamburgers.

The Genesis of a Culinary Dream

Patrick Dy's entrepreneurial journey in the realm of gastronomy traces back to 2004 when he and his brother embarked on a culinary adventure by launching a Belgian Fries Kiosk in Glorietta. This modest beginning soon blossomed, and by 2006, their menu had expanded to encompass Sliders, giving birth to Slammin' Burgers.

By 2019, they had successfully planted their flag with 12 locations across various malls in Metro Manila. However, Patrick Dy's vision transcended the confines of mall kiosks. He envisioned creating a standalone diner that encapsulated the essence of the classic American diner while offering a unique dining experience.

In partnership with his sister and childhood friends who shared his vision, Hackensack 1950s Hamburgers was conceived in December 2019, drawing its name from the charming town of Hackensack, New Jersey, where one of the first Onion Steamed Burgers was savored.

Explaining the choice of the name, Patrick Dy shares, "Hackensack is a town in New Jersey where one of the first Onion Steamed Burgers was served. We loved the name, its resonance, its memorability, and its significance, so we decided on Hackensack."

Quality is the Heart of the Story

Hackensack has carved a reputation for its classic Angus Beef Burgers and Hotdogs, and one can't help but wonder: What sets these menu items apart? Patrick Dy's response is elegantly simple yet profoundly insightful: authenticity and quality.

In a world often mired in complexity, Hackensack stands out by adhering to the timeless principles of crafting an exceptional burger. "Our burgers and hotdogs stand out because we strive to recreate an authentic classic Burger and Hotdog dining experience. We keep it simple yet special," explains Patrick Dy.

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From the choice of ingredients to the meticulous preparation process, Hackensack's dedication to authenticity shines through. They source Angus beef, employ potato buns, and rely on New York Franks for their hotdogs. The burgers are lovingly crafted through the art of smashing and steaming with onions, meticulously recreating the 1950s American burger experience down to the finest detail.

In a market teeming with burger brands, Hackensack sets itself apart by proudly declaring "Quality is our Story."

This foundational value permeates every facet of the brand, encompassing not just the food and service but also the ambiance.

"The message is clear, concise, committed, and continuous. We live this every day. Quality 1950s Diner – Quality Burgers – Quality Service – Quality Dining Experience – As long as every member of the Hackensack team takes these words to heart, Hackensack will consistently deliver quality food, provide quality service, offer a quality ambiance, and thus perpetually script a narrative of a quality experience for our patrons," emphasizes Patrick Dy.

Moreover, Patrick Dy firmly believes that Hackensack's competition isn't with other restaurants but with themselves, as they strive daily to offer unwavering quality and create a narrative of excellence for their cherished customers.

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A Journey Through Nostalgia

Dining at Hackensack 1950s Hamburgers transcends mere sustenance; it's a voyage back in time. From the instant patrons step inside, they are transported to the 1950s, an era characterized by optimism and excitement. Warm smiles from the Hackensack team, delectable fare that evokes cherished childhood memories, and authentic vintage décor collectively contribute to this nostalgic experience.

Every piece of decor, from antique coffee cans to vintage license plates, has been thoughtfully selected to preserve authenticity. "When customers step through our doors, they can expect to be enveloped in a nostalgic and youthful ambiance," assures Patrick Dy.

The Art of Branding

The triumph of Hackensack 1950s Hamburgers is intricately linked to its branding and visual identity. Patrick Dy emphasizes that branding encapsulates the company's vision and sets the tone for daily operations. It's not merely an image, a logo, or a set of principles; it is the essence of Hackensack, and maintaining brand consistency is paramount.

“When a customer sees the image or logo of Hackensack, he should think of delicious hamburgers, courteous and great service, nostalgic ambiance, and music,” stresses Patrick Dy.

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Navigating Challenges Through Innovation

Like countless other businesses, Hackensack faced formidable challenges during the pandemic, which necessitated a temporary closure just three months after opening. However, it was their spirit of creativity and resilience that ultimately prevailed.

They introduced the Burger Kit trend, diversified their menu offerings, and introduced the vintage carhop concept, effectively rendering Hackensack pandemic-proof. Innovation lies at the very core of Hackensack's prosperity.

Patrick Dy recognizes the paramount importance of adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the food service industry.

For instance, they meticulously tested their takeout packaging to ensure that the food remains hot and fresh upon delivery. Their presence on platforms like Grab, along with direct ordering through Messenger and Viber, guarantees reliable and expeditious service.

The Path to Success

Patrick Dy's journey offers invaluable insights for aspiring foodie entrepreneurs, underscoring the importance of a positive attitude, prioritizing quality over profits, and maintaining an enduring commitment to innovation.

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According to Dy, "The most valuable advice I can offer to those embarking on this journey is that your attitude profoundly influences your success. Cultivating a positive attitude towards yourself, others, your work, and life itself is paramount."

Patrick Dy reminds us that the route to success is paved with diligence, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding commitment to delivering quality in every endeavor.


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