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Tommi Makinen will be appointed as a Motorsport Advisor to Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) from January 2021, with the aim of further advancing the manufacturing of “ever-better” cars.

Behind the appointment is Tommi Makinen's impressive contribution to the supercharged re-ignition of Toyota's World Rally operations from 2017.

Tommi Makinen and his team of professionals at Tommi Makinen Racing Oy helped Toyota to develop a highly competitive rally car and also built the team, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, to run it through the highest level of world rallying, the FIA World Rally Championship. In fact, in 2018, the second year after their return, Toyota earned the manufacturers' world championship title, and in 2019 they won the drivers' and co-drivers' world championship titles.

With this expertise, Toyota is certain that Tommi Makinen is capable of contributing in even wider fields of motorsports, such as the development of motorsports-bred GR vehicles, strategic planning of motorsport activities, and driver talent development.

Appointing him as a motorsport advisor of Toyota Motor Corporation, the brand is looking forward to his advice on strategy formulation and organizational operations.

Tommi Makinen Made his rally debut in 1985. He won a total of 24 WRC events. He was a works driver for Mitsubishi from 1995, and from 1996 to 1999 he made the remarkable achievement of winning the WRC drivers' championship for four consecutive years. After transferring to Subaru in 2002, he continued to compete at the front, making his mark in WRC history.

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