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Toyota Launches New Land Cruiser

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced that it has launched its new Land Cruiser today, August 2.

Photo Insert: The identity of the new Land Cruiser 300 Series has been reshaped by merging cutting-edge technologies with technologies accumulated over many years, enabling the driver to drive on any type of road in the world without tiring.

Supporting lives, livelihoods, and more fulfilling lifestyles all over the world

Launched in August 1951, the Land Cruiser was originally known as the "Toyota BJ," a four-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with a powerful engine. In the 70 years since, it has sought to deliver safety and security to diverse customers and other people involved with the vehicle.

All over the world, the Land Cruiser has supported lives, livelihoods, and more fulfilling lifestyles, and promised to take people anywhere and everywhere, and come back alive and safe. Now, the Land Cruiser's essence of "reliability, durability, and off-road performance" has further evolved, based on the actual usage situations of its global customers. A cumulative total of approximately 10.6 million units―and more than 300,000 units a year―are being cherished by customers in 170 countries and regions all over the world.

Completely redesigned: Inheritance and evolution, easy to drive and difficult to tire

The new Land Cruiser 300 Series is a complete redesign of the outgoing 200 Series, which launched in 2007. Its development objectives are inheriting and evolving the Land Cruiser's essence of "reliability, durability, and off-road performance and creating a riding experience that enables the driver to drive with ease on any type of road around the world without tiring easily

With these objectives in mind, Toyota retained the same frame structure and allied it with the new GA-F platform, which is based on the TNGA philosophy. The vehicle's identity has also been reshaped by merging cutting-edge technologies with technologies accumulated over many years.

The new Land Cruiser's twin development themes of "inheritance and evolution" and "easy to drive and difficult to tire" are reflected in every aspect of the vehicle.

The new Land Cruiser adopts an updated version of the traditional ladder frame. By utilizing the latest welding technologies, the high-rigidity (20% more rigid than the 200 Series) lightweight frame boasts improved collision safety performance, quietness, and ride quality.

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The body combines an increased number of high-tensile steel plates with an aluminum bonnet, roof, and door panels; the power train has been moved 70 mm rearward and 28 mm downward.

These improvements have led to a significant reduction in body weight of approximately 200 kg, a lower center of gravity, and superior front-rear weight distribution. Together with an enhanced driving position, the new Land Cruiser delivers a ride more in tune with its driver's intentions. The reduction in body weight contributes to improving Land Cruiser's environmental performance.

In line with its updated platform, the new Land Cruiser features a newly developed high-mount double-wishbone front and trailing-link rigid-axle rear suspension system. The position of the rear shock absorbers has been optimized for improved ride comfort and steering stability.

Modifying the location of the suspension arms has resulted in a stable body posture even when braking, while also improving wheel articulation―the ability of its tires to stay on the ground. These have led to superior off-road performance.

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The vehicle uses a new Linear Solenoid Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system, which controls shock absorbers' damping force independently for each wheel in response to road conditions and driver operation, for improved steering stability and ride comfort. (Equipped as standard on the ZX and GR Sport grades)

Hydraulic power steering with steering actuator

The new Land Cruiser combines a hydraulic power steering system capable of withstanding use in harsh environments with an electric steering actuator. This not only enables the addition of steering support functions such as Lane Tracing Assist, but also delivers outstanding maneuverability at low speeds, reduced kickback while driving off-road, and a crisper steering feel. (Equipped as standard on the ZX, GR Sport, and VX grades).

Electronic Control Brake

The new Land Cruiser is fitted with an electronic control brake system that detects brake pedal input to generate optimal braking force via its hydraulic brakes and achieve more linear braking. (Equipped as standard on the ZX, GR Sport, and VX grades).

The unveiling event at dealers will be on August 21-22, 2021.


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