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Trump Back At White House For New Year, Mike Lindell Prophesies

Pillow magnate-turned-election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell has a new prediction: Donald Trump will be back in the Oval Office by New Year's Eve.

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For months, Lindell floated August as the deadline for Trump's reinstatement, landing on Aug. 13 as the day Joe Biden's electoral victory would be thrown out.

Though the 13th passed without any developments and his South Dakota "cyber symposium" fell flat, the infamous MyPillow CEO is still in Trump's good graces — earning a glowing endorsement from Trump at a rally in Cullman, Alabama on the night of August 21, 2021, Zachary Petrizzo reported for Salon.

Lindell was even given a prominent speaking slot at the event, using the time to rail against Fox News for ignoring him while continuing to promote a variety of debunked election-related conspiracies.

Lindell also claimed that Trump would be re-instated by the end of the calendar year. "It has to happen now. It's Trump 2021. 100% Trump 2021! And it's — this election when it does get pulled down, there were so many down-tickets effected. Maybe the Supreme Court and that they just do a whole new election, which is fine," the pillow tycoon said.

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"But remember everybody, we have to melt down the machines to make prison bars out of them!"

Salon attended Lindell's "cyber symposium" and found no evidence he had ever possessed the long-promised "packet capture" (PCAPs) election data he attempted to present at the South Dakota gathering. Instead, Lindell baselessly accused "antifa" of infiltrating his event to sabotage him and divert attention from the disclosure of his "absolute proof."

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While Trump praised Lindell's handpicked experts on Saturday night, the actual three-day event included dozens of third-party cybersecurity experts that said his data was essentially bunk.

One career "packet capture" specialist even told Salon the data Lindell shared was in the wrong format — leading him to demand a cut of the $5 million reward promised to anyone who could prove the data was not legitimate.


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