President Trump is using superstition and his burning desire to win another four-year lease of the White House as weapons to promote his latest prevarication: His record would be etched in gold for having reduced COVID-19 deaths to only 150,000 by August 2020.

Trump, who is noted to be amazed with cartoons and graphs, has no time and intellect to imbibe scientific explanations advanced by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other medical experts who have warned that opening economics without mass testing and contact tracing would be the best formula to ensure a second and third wave of the dreaded pandemic.

In his CNN story on March 14, 2020, Stephen Collinson said Trump has repudiated the position of Fauci who insisted the US is not over the hump yet and the threat will persist until the Trump administration uses its head to craft a viable campaign against the pandemic even if the President is seeking a quick reopening to rev up an economy that has already lost 33.5 million jobs and the employment rate skyrocketing to nearly 20 percent.

In another irrational stab at Fauci, Trump said the infectious disease expert’s warning about reopening schools “is not acceptable,” something that is strange to hear from a man who cannot differentiate between a bacterium from a virus. Fauci has served six presidents and the 79-year-old veteran of internecine wars in the US bureaucracy would not cave in to the whims of a would-be tyrant in what purports to be the beacon of democracy on the planet. #coronavirusimpact #COVID19

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