US President Donald Trump’s boast that hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic will be ready within the year, eliciting contempt from whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright, who said the development of vaccines could be done quickly in 18 months even as drugs against more complex viruses could take 10 years to develop.

It is only Trump who has claimed that his country is completing the development of the vaccine, which he could not name, even as top US virologist Dr. Anthony Fauci warned more people will die with Trump’s precipitate reopening of the US and his encouragement of protesters to work and vote in the polls, with 58 voters in Wisconsin getting infected with COVId-19 when they heeded Trump’s expert counsel. Asked what the chances of Trump delivering on his “awesome” promise, the verdict was terse: Slim and none.

"We're looking to get it [a vaccine] by the end of the year if we can," Trump said, "or shortly thereafter" and nudged Moncep Slaoui, a former pharmaceutical executive and now expected to be the star of the daily COVID-19 briefing, to confirm that “a few hundred million doses of vaccine” will be delivered by late 2020, former pharmaceutical executive Moncep Slaoui, who is serving as the Trump administration's virus authority, said during the daily briefing at the White House, Euronews and Associated Press reported on Friday, May 15, 2020 (Saturday in Manila.)

Aside from bragging that the the country's economy should start to bounce back during the last quarter of the year, with 2021 looking "tremendous,"  Trump also boasted that truckers honking near the White House “love me” when what the rig drivers were doing was to protest the low shipping rates during the pandemic and demand higher rates, all newspapers and radio-TV networks disclosed. #COVID19