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Yahoo News senior editor David Knowles has doused cold water on the predictions of defeated former US President Donald Trump that he would snatch the White House from Joe Biden in August 2021 on the basis of election audits in Arizona and Georgia that have not proven massive electoral fraud.

In his analysis, Knowles said despite his pompous perorations and the crackpot conspiracy theories dished out by lawyer Sidney Powell and convicted Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn before QAnon believers, “Trump won't simply be reinstated as president.”

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted Tuesday that Trump has been telling confidants that he expects to be reinstated as president by August as a result of ongoing election audits in states like Arizona and Georgia.

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Writing for The Root newspaper on June 2, 2021, Stephen A. Crockett Jr. said My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon “and other anti-democratic conspiracy theorists have been pushing this wacky Hail Mary in fringe conservative media for several months.

It has no basis under the Constitution or any legitimate legal framework.”

Lindell has said Trump would go to the Supreme Court in August to present evidence about election fraud and added it would be “so convincing that the justices would be forced to reject the 2020 election result.”

A podcast from the former Trump advisor Steve Bannon has amplified the conspiracy theory.

“So maybe this is a play to make sure other GOP hopefuls with presidential dreams don’t even think about running for president in 2024. Maybe this is a move to show that the former president is still trying to be president. Or maybe these are just the delusional ramblings of an old man with a bad spray tan trying to grift a few more bucks out of his followers all while knowing that he will never see office during Biden’s term,” Crockett concluded.


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