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"Waiting For A Book" Program Launched By Dada And Partners

Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA), China's leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform is pleased to announce that Dada Now jointly launch a public welfare program called "Waiting for A Book" with Shanghai's local Youth Volunteers Association and Shanghai cultural cafe THE PRESS.

Photo Insert: A Shanghai citizen donates children’s books through Dada Now’s pickup and delivery service.

This activity donated books to children in mountainous areas, such as Lijiang in Yunnan Province, to pass on love and hope.

"Waiting for A Book" program has set 7 designated donation locations. Among them, one of THE PRESS's most well-known stores is located in the building of the Chinese newspaper Shun Pao (Shanghai News, marked the beginning of modern Chinese newspapers).

The event will last until December 25. During the period, Dada Now provides free pickup and delivery services for donors in Shanghai, facilitating book donation. All the books collected will be sent to Lijiang's local governments. Then they will distribute the books to children in the mountainous areas according to actual needs.

The public welfare program leader at Dada Now, said, "A book might change one child's future, the 'Waiting for A Book' program sends dreams and warmth to children. Through our on-demand delivery service, more citizens can participate more easily.

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These books can inspire the children to open the door to a new world, make them feel connected to the larger world, and can give them spiritual nourishment. "

The program leader at THE PRESS, said, "Dada Now made a number of efforts across its ESG initiatives, which is in line with our mission. Through books and gifts, we share our care and warmth to children in need. Dada Now's local pickup and delivery service is also a great help to everyone who wants to participate in the event."

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In addition to encouraging the public to donate books, for every book donated by the donor, THE PRESS will donate a book, and Dada Now will also donate a bubble toy, as the New Year gift.

Dada Group has always fulfilled its corporate social responsibility by providing welfare services. Prior to this program, Dada Now launched the "Children's Picture Book Program" to encourage families with children in Shanghai's Yangpu District to freecycle their picture books. Then, Dada Now delivered these books to families in need. This report was originally released via PR Newswire.

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