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Yangyoo To Unveil Korea's First 'Vegan Cheese' At CES 2022

Korean food technology company, Yangyoo has announced it will be participating for the first time in CES 2022 this month, PR Newswire reported.

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Together with its U.S. subsidiary, Armored Fresh, it will be showcasing in Las Vegas, Nevada, its 'vegan cheese', said to be at par with the flavor and taste of regular cow-milk-based cheese, a feat achieved by fermenting plant-based protein milk the same way as natural cheese. Nutrition is not compromised, either, according to the company, as vegan cheese contains protein 20%, similar to cow milk cheese.

Armored Fresh cheese is offered in various shapes and flavors so that you can choose according to your taste – in total six types: slice, shredded, cube spreadable, camembert, and burrata are available in eight flavors; plain, strawberry, blueberry, citron, garlic herb, spicy jalapeno, including injeolmi, salted caramel & chocolate. Through such diversity, the company expects to draw attention to the global vegan food market.

Yangyoo chose CES 2022 to introduce Armored Fresh and deliver the brand message on the international stage. Visitors to the booth will be able to see and taste samples of our cheese products, learn about our company and our product availability and roadmap, and join our campaign to become a HERO who saves the planet and the environment by completing a simple mission through a QR code.

That said, Yangyoo will start full-fledged sales in the global market to attract investments in the first quarter of 2022, starting with the participation in CES 2022. Early next year, it plans to launch products using vegan cheese on its own brands, 'Young Man dduk', and 'Spaceman Pizza'.

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"It is significant to participate at 'CES' as the first Korean food tech company and introduce Armored Fresh vegan cheese," said Andrew Yu, CEO of Armored fresh.

"We will continue to serve the global community by innovating and offering products in keeping with our Armored Fresh mission to guard and protect people's health and well-being, by guarding and protecting our environment and our animals."

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The 'Food Technology' section of CES 2022 is newly established and is meant to showcase the industry's growth and innovation.

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