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16th Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 Ends Successfully

Seoul International Drama Awards 2021, an international drama festival, was closed as it broadcasted live on the official SDA YouTube channel at 5 pm KST on 21st.

Photo Insert: The 16th Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 was closed as it broadcasted live on the SDA YouTube channel at 5 pm KST on 21st.

Actress Eun Bin Park and an idol group ASTRO member and actor Eun Woo Cha hosted the ceremony, Business Wire reported.

The seven Juries, including the former EBS president and head of Juries panel Suk Man Ko, Isabelle Degeorges French producer of the Netflix original drama 'Lupin' and Singaporean Magdalene Ew who led the campaigns for HBO's 'Game of Thrones' for eight seasons, have participated in the final selection. Suk Man Ko head of Juries and Isabelle Degeorges also graced the ceremony.

The honorable Grand Prize went to the Korean drama 'Missing Child', hoovering up three trophies including the Grand Prize in the Program Category, the Best Director, and the Best Actor Prizes in the Individual Category. The awardees - director Yong Won Cho and the actor Hyeok Kwon Park attended the ceremony to give the acceptance speech and expressed their gratitude to their staff and colleagues.

At the International Competitions, The Golden Bird Prize for Serial Drama went to the Korean drama 'War in Life' and the Silver Bird Prize to 'Go Ahead'. The Golden Bird Prize for TV-Movie went to 'Frederica Montseny, the woman who speaks' and the Silver Bird Prize to 'This House is Mine'.

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'Bonus Vacation' from Malaysia, 'Atlantic Crossing' from Norway, 'The Pit S4' took the honor of awarding the Jury's Special Prize, awarded to drama entries that are worthy of recognition.

Besides, Elle Fanning, the lead actress of the American comedy-drama 'The Great', won the Best Actress Prize, and British screenwriter Russell T Davies won the Best Screenwriter Prize for 'It's a Sin' in the Individual Category.

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Stars from each country or region, Taiwan’s Marcus Chang, Indonesia’s Amanda Manopo, Japan’s Kentaro Sakaguchi, China’s Lusi Zhao, and Thailand’s PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn won the Asian Star Prize of International Invitation Category.

'Vincenzo' took the victory of taking the Excellent Korean Drama while 'Taxi Driver', 'Start-Up', 'Kairos' shared the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize. As for the individuals, the Outstanding Korean Actor Prize went to Joong Ki Song, the Outstanding Korean Actress Prize to Suzy, and the Best Korean Drama OST to Young Tak for singing 'Okay'

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