• By The Financial District


Hundreds of KCRA 3 viewers responded on whether they had received the latest round of COVID-19 stimulus checks.

"It hit the account today," said Barbara Goodson of Auburn, according to KCRA 3 News report.

Goodson received a total of $1,200, split between her and her husband.

"I want to use the stimulus as a way to support businesses and nonprofits," added Goodson, who also sits on the board of the Downtown Auburn Business Association.

She said many local stores and historic sites, such as the Auburn State Theater, are still suffering the financial burdens of the pandemic.

"As much as we can, help the folks who don't have enough. And patronize our local businesses so we can keep our local economy thriving," Goodson added.

Holly Longacre of East Sacramento got $2,400 to split between her husband and two kids. She said she's thankful for the money, which she plans to apply towards home renovations and vet bills, but hopes more will be done to help those in even greater need.

"If [more help] is not going to come from the government, [we] as a community need to come together and figure out solutions to help one another as well," she said.

Single mom Lorinda Farfan of Auburn is now selling furniture out of her home to get by.

"This morning I woke up with $1,200 in my account, and my reaction was, 'thank God,'" she said. Farfan had to downsize her small Grass Valley apothecary business, Believer's Miracle.

COVID-19 fears have also driven customers away from her preschool daycare.

"This money is only helpful for a chunk of what I'm in debt from during COVID. There's so many creative ways I've tried to work through it," explained Farfan, who added she has been trying to find affordable firewood to heat her home.

"I'm not the only one suffering, we're all in this together. We need more support financially."