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9 Cities In China Shun Thai Fruits Said To Be Laced With COVID

Despite little evidence people can catch COVID-19 from food, imported produce undergoes stringent testing before arriving on Chinese supermarket shelves, and the testing will probably become even stricter as Thai fruits were found to contain the dreaded COVID-19 virus, Lena Sun reported for South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Photo Insert: Dragon fruit is one of the imports China claims to be positive for COVID.

At least nine Chinese cities in Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces have started emergency screenings for coronavirus on imported food and ordered fruit buyers to quarantine after fresh produce from Southeast Asia like longan and dragon fruit tested positive.

Earlier, China also claimed that frozen food products also harbored the COVID-19 virus but this was contested by Latin American exporters of squid, shrimps, and other marine products who argued that Chinese workers handling the imported seafood products might be infected.

China has been notorious for producing contaminated infant formula and canned goods and meat products with human DNA.

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