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A Season to Shine: Mercedes-Benz USA, Ludacris Team Up To Donate Shoes To Children

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) has donated new shoes to children across the country as part of their Season to Shine holiday giving program through Shoes That Fit, a nonprofit organization that gives kids new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy.

Photo Insert: MBUSA teamed up with brand ambassador Ludacris and The Ludacris Foundation to deliver donated shoes to students in Atlanta.

MBUSA teamed up with brand ambassador Ludacris and The Ludacris Foundation to deliver donated shoes to students in Atlanta.

Season to Shine is part of MBUSA’s national corporate social responsibility program Driving Your Future, which aims to empower the next generation by supporting educational programs, career readiness, and child safety.

“We are thrilled to partner with Shoes That Fit and to have donated sneakers to students across the country - this is a tangible step to ensure children arrive at school with confidence -- prepared to learn, play and succeed,” said Dimitris Psillakis, president and CEO of MBUSA. “We are committed to helping the next generation thrive, and make a lasting contribution to our local communities and beyond.”

In support of this year’s Season to Shine program, MBUSA delivered 1,270 pairs of new shoes to every attending student at their partner schools in Atlanta - Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy and Leonora P. Miles Intermediate Elementary. Ludacris helped MBUSA employee volunteers deliver shoes and brought holiday cheer to students.

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“I care deeply about supporting and serving kids in my hometown of Atlanta and it was an honor to help my friends at Mercedes give back with their Season to Shine event,” said Ludacris.

“I know that the new shoes are a small stepping stone to helping these students live out their dreams and realize their greatness. I’m thrilled to be part of that.”

MBUSA also encouraged employees nationwide to join the Season to Shine program by donating new shoes directly to Shoes That Fit, which will be delivered to children in local communities across the country.

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“Kicking off the holiday season with a new pair of shoes will give our students the confidence they need to tackle the rest of the school year,” said Thalise Perry, Principal at Miles Intermediate Elementary School. “We are so grateful to Mercedes for making this happen and bringing holiday cheer to our school.”

Since its founding in 1992, Shoes That Fit has provided over 2 million pairs of brand-new shoes and other necessities to children across the United States. As a result of their long-standing work, 62% of schools have reported an improvement of students’ behavior and 87% of schools have reported an improvement of students’ self-esteem.

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"Shoes are intrinsically important to kids. Too many families are forced to choose rent and food over shoes, leaving children wearing shoes that hurt, embarrass them, cause them to miss out on physical activities, and sometimes miss school altogether. New shoes make a basic and lasting impact,” said Amy Fass, CEO and Executive Director of Shoes That Fit.

“We are so grateful to Mercedes for meeting a basic need and making a lasting impact on the lives of kids by providing 1,270 pairs of shoes!”

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