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AC Health Inaugurates The Healthway Cancer Care Hospital

In a historic event that signals a paradigm shift in cancer care in the Philippines, AC Health, a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation, and Healthway Medical Network proudly unveiled the Healthway Cancer Care Hospital (HCCH), the country's first comprehensive cancer care center.

Unveiling a New Horizon: President Bongbong Marcos inaugurates the Healthway Cancer Care Hospital, marking a transformative leap in comprehensive cancer care in the Philippines by AC Health and Healthway Medical Network. | AC Health Facebook

The momentous inauguration, graced by His Excellency, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., marked a significant stride towards accessible and exceptional cancer treatment for all Filipinos.

President Marcos led the formal ceremony, expressing optimism about revolutionizing the cancer care service industry in the Philippines.

The HCCH, equipped with modern, state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by leading medical professionals and oncologists, is poised to elevate the country's standing as a premier healthcare destination in Asia.

Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Chairman of AC Health, emphasized the transformative power of business in catalyzing positive change.

"The Healthway Cancer Care Hospital is a testament to our shared purpose—a purpose centered around the well-being of Filipino cancer patients and their families," Zobel remarked, underlining Ayala's commitment to addressing societal gaps and building a healthier nation.

The HCCH boasts 100 beds, four specialized operating theaters, two advanced endoscopy rooms, an expanded outpatient chemotherapy unit, and an integrated outpatient department with a specialized women’s health center.

This comprehensive infrastructure underscores AC Health's vision to redefine the landscape of cancer treatment, ensuring that every patient experiences the highest quality of care, support, and comfort throughout their journey.

Ayala Healthcare Holdings, through its three pillars—pharma, hospitals and clinics, and digital health—aims to create a seamless and integrated healthcare ecosystem for Filipino patients.

The Healthway Cancer Care Hospital, under the umbrella of Healthway Medical Network, aligns with AC Health's commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare across the entire continuum of care.

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

The inauguration of the Healthway Cancer Care Hospital not only marks the beginning of a new era in cancer care but also signifies a profound step towards a healthier and more resilient future for the Philippines.

With its cutting-edge facilities and unwavering commitment to patient well-being, HCCH stands poised to redefine the standards of cancer care in the country.

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