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Biden Holds Talks With Top Chinese Leader

On Monday, September 11, 2023, US President Joe Biden announced that he engaged in the highest-level talks with Chinese leadership in months.

While it was not anticipated that the leaders of the world's two largest economies would engage in discussions at the G20 summit, unplanned encounters are common at such events. I Photo: President Joe Biden Facebook

He emphasized that China's economic challenges would not lead to an invasion of Taiwan. These developments were reported by Nandita Bose and Trevor Hunnicutt for Reuters.

Biden revealed that he met with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, who serves as Chinese President Xi Jinping's second-in-command, during the annual G20 summit held in New Delhi.

This meeting marked the highest-level engagement between the two major powers in nearly 10 months, since Biden and Xi had a conversation during last year's G20 summit in Indonesia.

Li Qiang, who assumed the role of China's second-ranking official in March, represented the country's leadership at the world leaders' gathering.

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While it was not anticipated that the two leaders would engage in discussions at the G20 summit, unplanned encounters are common at such events. Biden stated, "My team, my staff still meets with President Xi's people and his cabinet. I met with his No. 2 person in India today."

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He further mentioned that the conversation focused on stability and matters related to the Southern Hemisphere and emphasized that it was not confrontational.

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