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Biden Seeks Consensus In Summit Of Americas Boycotted By 4 Nations

Despite the absence of some Latin American counterparts, US President Joe Biden entered this week's Summit of the Americas with the goal of pushing for regional progress in addressing economic development, climate change, and migration, Chris Megerian, and Josh Boak reported for the Associated Press (AP).

Photo Insert: US President Joe Biden making his way to Los Angeles to host the Ninth Summit of the Americas

With the United States hosting the meeting for the first time since 1994, Biden and his team set about fortifying relationships and moving past the considerable drama surrounding which world leaders would attend.

“At this summit,” Biden said in his opening remarks Wednesday night, “we have an opportunity for us to come together around some bold ideas, ambitious actions and to demonstrate to our people the incredible power of democracies to deliver concrete benefits and make life better for everyone.”

The US president was scheduled to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday, as well as deliver a speech to the larger group of attendees.

Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to meet with Caribbean leaders to discuss clean energy, while first lady Jill Biden was hosting a brunch to connect with other spouses. The day will conclude with dinner at the Getty Villa, an art museum with views of the Pacific Ocean.

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To promote their causes, a diverse group of activists from the United States and regional dissidents have gathered around the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the majority of the meetings are taking place.

When Biden meets Bolsonaro, an ally of former President Donald Trump, for the first time, tensions may arise. Bolsonaro is running for a second term and has questioned the legitimacy of his country's elections, which has alarmed officials in Washington.

Government & politics: Politicians, government officials and delegates standing in front of their country flags in a political event in the financial district.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wanted to invite the leaders of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, but the US refused because they are authoritarians. López Obrador has declined to attend.

The presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador did not either.

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