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Canon Unveils Mini-Camera That Takes 24/7 Photos At Your Home

"Is someone taking photos?" It's a question that always gets asked at big family events. Canon thinks it has a solution-- a small camera that you put in your home and that "intelligently" takes photos of people all day long--- Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) reported.

Photo Insert: The Canon PowerShot PX

Designed to quietly watch and wait for photo opportunities, this AI-powered gadget is what's known as an automatic pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera - in other words, it has a lens that can be tilted and swiveled.

Until now, these kinds of devices have largely been used as surveillance cameras, and you'll likely have seen this kind of high-tech camera in banks, casinos, or other places with lots of security.

But Canon has now introduced a wireless version for home use. Canon says the camera acts "intelligently" and that the AI-controlled lens will follow as you walk around the room.

The PowerShot PX is relatively small at 8 cm high and 5 cm wide, weighs about 170 g with a memory card, is charged via USB-C. As such it's the kind of gadget that you won't immediately notice when you walk into a room.

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Although it looks like a surveillance camera, it's different from most in that it doesn't need a power source, meaning you can put it anywhere in your home and it will just snap photos until it runs out of juice. While it has the potential to take amateur photography in a rather creepy direction that raises issues of consent, Canon is selling this device as a means to capture everyday family scenes that would be otherwise be missed, dpa stressed.

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