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China Also Disposes Of Untreated Nuclear Water

The Chinese have expressed their displeasure with Japan's discharge of Fukushima water into the sea through various means, including throwing rocks at schools, threats of a boycott, and hundreds of hostile phone calls, as reported by Derek Cai for BBC News.

Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in China I Photo: EDF Energy

Although scientists assert that the impact of this discharge will be negligible, China has protested against it. A significant amount of disinformation has fueled fear and suspicion in China.

A report by the UK-based data analysis firm Logically revealed that China has been running a disinformation campaign targeting the release of wastewater since January.

Chinese outlets have falsely reported about dead fish floating in an area where the water was discharged, as reported by Shim Kyu-Seok for the Agence France-Presse (AFP).

US ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel accused China of engaging in "economic coercion," "harassment," and "disinformation" against Japan. He emphasized that this is a political issue and not related to the dissemination of accurate information.

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

He stated, "Water from Fukushima is safer than the water which the four plants in China dump untreated into the ocean."

The volumes of untreated water that China disposes of exceed the 1.34 million tons of treated water from Fukushima to be discharged over a 30-year period.

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