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China Sends Thousands Of Troops To Shanghai To Battle COVID-19

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deployed thousands of soldiers to the locked-down financial hub of Shanghai to assist in the mandatory screening of all 25 million inhabitants for COVID-19, Simone McCarthy and Yong Xiong reported for CNN.

Photo Insert: The arrival of Vice Premier Sun Chunlan to Shanghai over the weekend left little doubt regarding Beijing's position on the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

The plan, which will see every resident take a nucleic acid test starting Monday morning, comes as Shanghai reported a city record of more than 9,000 cases on Sunday.

Political pressure has been mounting on Shanghai authorities to both quell the outbreak and address the growing chorus of concerns from residents grappling with the costs and inconveniences of the stringent measures.

For weeks, the city has been roiled by dysfunction, with financial workers forced to sleep in their offices and locked-down residents left desperately seeking medical care and other basic supplies.

But if residents hoped the measures would soon ease, the arrival of Vice Premier Sun Chunlan to Shanghai over the weekend left little doubt as to Beijing's position.

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

Sun, who has spearheaded COVID-19 control efforts throughout the pandemic, on Sunday stressed that Shanghai must adhere to China's zero-COVID policy without any "hesitation or wavering," citing Chinese President Xi Jinping's instruction to eliminate the virus and to win the "hard-fought battle."

China's health authorities have repeatedly warned about the potential for health systems to be overwhelmed if the virus spreads widely in the population of 1.4 billion, especially as vaccinations lag among the elderly, and made clear that Covid control is an "overriding political mission."

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