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Denmark To Hike North Sea Gas Output To Slash Dependence On Russia

Denmark will increase its natural gas production in the North Sea “for a limited time period,” to reduce its dependency on Russian energy, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Tuesday, Benjamin Brown reported for CNN.

Photo Insert: Denmark is convinced it’s better to produce gas in the North Sea than to buy from Vladimir Putin.

Denmark is ultimately aiming to phase out its use natural gases to become independent of Russian supplies, Frederiksen added.

“We are convinced it’s better to produce gas in the North Sea than buying it from Vladimir Putin,” she said.

Despite the “temporary increase,” Frederiksen assured that Denmark remained committed to plans to end its North Sea oil and gas production by 2050.

In a related development, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said France supported extending sanctions on Russian oil. France has been attempting to persuade European partners to stop imports of Russian oil, Le Maire said, alleging that some countries were "hesitant" to do so.

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