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Finmo Redefines Payment Landscape With Real-Time Integration In Australia And Global Team Expansion

Finmo, a Singapore-headquartered global payments leader, has unveiled its groundbreaking Direct Real-Time Payment (RTP) Integration system in Australia, a significant stride towards redefining the payment landscape.

The integration also marks Finmo's commitment to continuously improve and add to its solutions and offerings in Australia, and complements the company's established presence in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, the USA, Europe, and broader South East Asia.

This milestone collaboration, forged through a strategic partnership with Australian Settlements Limited (ASL), heralds a new era of real-time payment capabilities for merchants, domestically and worldwide.

With Finmo's direct integration with Australia's New Payment Platform (NPP) as an identified institution, merchants can now experience seamless, instantaneous transactions, empowering them to navigate the evolving demands of the digital economy with unparalleled agility.

This strategic alliance not only underscores Finmo's commitment to innovation but also amplifies its regional and global network capabilities, fortifying its position as a frontrunner in providing cutting-edge RTP solutions to an expanding merchant clientele.

David Hanna, CEO of Finmo, emphasized the significance of Australia in their strategic roadmap, stating, "Australia holds significant importance for us. As a licensed Australian Financial Services (AFS) provider, we are dedicated to delivering relevant and meaningful products and services to our local merchant base while leveraging our regional expertise to foster their global growth."

Moreover, Finmo's commitment to enhancing customer experience and product excellence is underscored by the doubling in size of its global product and technology teams.

This strategic expansion reflects Finmo's unwavering dedication to a customer-first approach and is a direct response to the exponential growth witnessed in its customer base across Australia and Singapore.

By prioritizing product development and bolstering its technological capabilities, Finmo aims to further elevate its offerings and set new benchmarks in the realm of financial technology.

Since its inception, Finmo has facilitated over US$4 billion in total payment volume, establishing its global collection and payout capabilities through collaborative partnerships with leading banking entities worldwide.

The core of Finmo's offerings lies in its innovative Treasury Operating System (TOS), designed to streamline money movement, cash management, and FX solutions for businesses operating in a global marketplace.

The Finmo TOS solution, crafted by industry veterans from esteemed financial institutions, including Citi, PayPal, and Visa, epitomizes a paradigm shift in financial technology.

By seamlessly integrating real-time payment rails with essential treasury functions, Finmo empowers SMEs to navigate financial complexities with ease, ensuring their sustained success in an ever-evolving landscape.

As Finmo continues to revolutionize the payment ecosystem with its groundbreaking solutions, it remains steadfast in its mission to simplify payments, automate treasury functions, and empower businesses to transact seamlessly on a global scale.

With its Global Currency Accounts platform supporting payouts to over 180 markets and more than 35 currencies, Finmo is poised to redefine the future of finance, one transaction at a time.


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