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For People Losing Hair, Wasabi May Be The Answer

Hair loss can be normal as people can lose around 50 to 100 hairs a day. However, it can be an uncomfortable experience and leave a mark on your confidence. Some types of hair loss are permanent and others could be triggered by different causes, Antony Ashkenaz recently reported for the Daily Express.

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Certain types of hair loss, including male and female pattern baldness, are genetic problems and can be permanent. Around eight million women in the UK experience this problem which can be harmful to their confidence, the National Health Service (NHS) also reported.

But the hair-targeting problem could also be temporary and caused by stress, weight loss, deficiencies, or even food.

According to a study from 2017, the key to stimulating hair growth in men can be found in wasabi, which is a condiment offered with most Japanese takeouts and sushi restaurants.

The study suggests that the spicy horseradish paste contains high levels of a chemical that is known to awaken the papilla cells, which are responsible for hair growth in the human scalp.

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The study claimed the chemical isosaponarin boosts hair growth by activating the papilla cells, allowing them to respond to external stimuli, according to English-language Japanese news site SoraNews24.

For the people who have trouble eating wasabi, there is good news. In order to see results, users will have to smear their balding heads with the green paste. Previous studies have shown that ​​Isosaponarin aids human collagen production, which is necessary for any kind of recovery.

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The study also said the chemical may be up to three times more effective than classic hair loss treatments like Regaine (minoxidil). The 6-MSITC chemical, which is responsible for giving wasabi plants their pungent smell has been found to have a similar effect on papilla cells, reducing the risk of breast cancer.

For ​​Isosaponarin to be effective, the paste has to come into contact with the human scalp.

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