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Kellogg's Corn Flakes Developed As Cure To Sexual Deviance

As the saying goes, food is medicine.

Photo Insert: This development gives new meaning to the saying, "Food for the soul."

“Would you believe it if I told you that corn flakes were developed as a potential cure for sexual deviance?” Brett Bachman asked Salon readers.

Yes, it's true — the crunchy yellow flakes were first stuffed into the mouths of patients at a Michigan-based sanitarium as part of a shady experiment in the hope that it would "cure" them of their desire to masturbate.

The blandness was the point, so to speak.

Salon's Joy Saha took a look at this stranger-than-fiction tale this weekend, but rather than decrying the humble corn flake for its psycho-sexual origins, she concludes that "the signature Kellogg's cereal has managed to remove itself from its notorious past and continues to thrive off of its versatility, familiarity, and all-around American charm."

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