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Minister Says There's No Guarantee There's Enough Gas For Switzerland

Swiss enterprises would be the first to face energy rationing in the case of a supply crisis, Energy Minister Simonetta Sommaruga told the SonntagsZeitung on July 3, 2022, warning that the government cannot ensure there will always be enough gas to go around, Paul Carrel reported for Reuters.

Photo Insert: Swiss Energy Minister Simonetta Sommaruga

Because Switzerland gets its gas from trading centers in neighboring European Union countries, any problems there would also affect Switzerland. Gas use in Switzerland is quite modest, accounting for about 15% of total energy consumption.

According to government data, approximately 42 percent of gas is used to heat homes, with the remainder used in industry, as well as the service and transportation sectors.

Nonetheless, it is reliant on imported oil and gas. "That is why no one can guarantee that there will always be enough gas for everyone," Sommaruga said in comments published on Sunday in the SonntagsZeitung.

Her comments come as the Swiss government unveiled preparations on Wednesday to solve a possible natural gas shortage this winter, including the possibility of rationing if other efforts fail.

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In the event of a gas or electricity shortage in Switzerland, energy would be rationed first for enterprises.

Sommaruga said there will "initially be restrictions for escalators or neon signs, for example," adding that the government wants to "spare households the longest." She also asked Switzerland's regional cantons to invest more in solar, biogas, wind, and hydropower expansion.

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