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Nobel Laureate Says Russia to become Pioneer In Carbon Storage Technology

On December 7, the International Forum Nobel Vision Open Innovations 2.0 will take place at the Skolkovo Innovation Center (Moscow), reported PR Newswire.

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The participants will voice their predictions about the main technologies of the future. The first forecasts were made yesterday during a press conference on the preparation and holding of the forum.

"It is difficult to make predictions for a year, but I would say that the most important innovation in the world of technology, which will shape the near future, is carbon dioxide storage technology. My other prediction is that Russia will become a pioneer in its implementation, one of the leaders," said Rae Kwon Chung, Advisor to the UN Secretary General on Climate Change, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Rae Kwon Chung noted that the world's leading powers have already entered the race for carbon neutrality, and Russia has every chance of being at its forefront.

"The forum will present the views of scientists who have determined the state of science over the past decades, on what will happen to the world in the near future. This is an excellent reason to synchronize watches with those who think about the most pressing problems of our time more than all of us while continuing to advance science. We are confident that the forum will create opportunities for new working contacts between the state and business to address issues related to Russia's technological priorities," said Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation.

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The forum's business program includes current topics related to the pandemic, the sustainable development agenda, future technologies, quality of life, which, due to the social consequences of the pandemic, is becoming the top priority for all governments. Forum speakers will voice their predictions about which technologies will most affect the life of mankind in 2022. They will be put into a "time capsule" that will be opened in a year.

The organizers will use these forecasts when forming the program of the next forum. Nobel Vision. Open Innovations 2.0 will be held on December 7 in a hybrid format - offline at the Skolkovo Technopark and online at openinnovations.ru. The status of a participant is given with free registration on the website.

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Co-organizers of the Forum – Skolkovo Foundation (VEB.RF Group), Moscow Government, and VEB Ventures (VEB.RF Group).

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