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Russell Crowe has made a large donation to repair a restaurant destroyed in the Beirut blast, saying it was on behalf of the late chef Anthony Bourdain.

A listing under the actor's name on the GoFundMe page for the restaurant, Le Chef, revealed a payment for $5,000 (€4,200) on Thursday, according to Euronews.

Crowe himself appeared to confirm the donation when he retweeted one of the fundraiser organisers to say it had been made on behalf of Anthony Bourdain.

He said: "I thought that he would have probably done so if he was still around.

"I wish you and LeChef the best and hope things can be put back together soon."

Le Chef, an eatery in the Gemmayze neighbourhood of Beirut, was one of the many buildings heavily damaged by last week's enormous blast in the city's port.

It was once visited by Bourdain, who described it as "a legendary spot, famed for its simple, straightforward, home-style classics."

The fundraiser initially aimed to raise $15,000 (€12,600), but has already surpassed this having raised more than $17,000 (€14,300).

They added: "Beirut's Le Chef, and its beloved frontman, Charbel, need our help to rebuild after last week's horrific explosion.

"The restaurant has survived war and economic crises, but the port explosion left it in shambles [...]

"Let's not let this be the end for this legendary spot.

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