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Samsung Devices In India To Be Integrated With ironSource Aura Solution

ironSource, a leading business platform for the App Economy, officially announced the integration of Aura - its solutions suite for telecom operators and OEMs - on Samsung devices in India, following existing collaborations with Samsung in Europe, Russia and South East Asia.

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The Aura solution suite enables Samsung India to optimize the device experience for its users with content, apps and services that are relevant for them. The multiple touchpoint opportunities are powered by Aura’s AI and machine learning capabilities, increasing the number of valuable engagements between Samsung India and their customers throughout the lifecycle of a device. These smart recommendations bring more value to the users, helping to reduce churn and increase NPS.

"At Samsung, we are constantly working to create superior products and services for our customers. We have partnered with ironSource Aura to offer our customers the best of content as well as the most customizable experience through the lifecycle of their device," said Sanjay Razdan, Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India.

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Business Wire reported that the majority of new device owners download content on the day they turn on their device for the very first time. During the device’s onboarding process, Aura offers Samsung India customers a dynamic and native setup experience, with smart recommendations of local and international content from both established and new brands, to help them easily discover content that fits their needs.

Utilizing machine learning capabilities, the user is presented with a relevant content selection experience right at the moment when they’re highly engaged in customizing their new device.

The engagement continues throughout the lifecycle of the device, with in-life touchpoints that enable Samsung India to keep delivering relevant and valuable content and services to drive user engagement, increase satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships with their users. This in-life engagement experience is available on most Galaxy smartphones.

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“Content discovery through an app store offers a generic experience that isn’t tailored to the specific user and which does little to enhance the user’s experience on their device,” explains Arnon Harish, President and Co-Founder of ironSource.

“By partnering with Samsung India, we’re able to leverage our expertise in the effective distribution of content to create a differentiated and more tailored user experience for their customers.”

ironSource Aura is used by some of the world’s leading telecom operators and OEMs, including Boost, Orange, Vodafone, and Samsung, with approximately 180 million active monthly users as of December 2020.


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EON Reality is the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education.