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A British pilot, who was Vietnam's most critical COVID-19 patient, was discharged from hospital on Saturday after being declared virus-free, according to a dispatch from Euronews.

Stephen Cameron, from Motherwell in Scotland, was known as "patient 91" during more than two months on life support at the Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

He was said to have been the sickest patient local doctors had to treat during the outbreak.

At one point they considered giving him a lung transplant as his own were 90 per cent damaged and non-functional.

He is now reported by the hospital to be breathing normally without any support, and he can sit up and walk a few steps with a walking frame.

Stephen became something of a celebrity in Vietnamese media due to the seriousness of his condition and subsequent recovery.

"I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of the Vietnamese people, the dedication and professionalism of the doctors and nurses," he said on Saturday morning in a video released by the hospital, where he was last treated.

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