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U.S. Dietitian Tells Expecting Mothers: Consume Small, Fatty Fish With Omega 3s

US dietitian Christine Mikstas has reiterated her advice to pregnant mothers, adults, and the seniors of the world to consume omega-3 fatty acids in fish with wild abandon, saying oily fish, fatty fish are the best sources of two of the three most important omega-3s (EPA and DHA).

Photo Insert: A pregnant woman with fish oil

These fatty acids are considered the good fats, unlike the bad saturated fats in meat. They may deliver huge health benefits for your heart, brain, lungs, and circulation. High doses can help slow plaque buildup in your arteries and lower some types of fat in your blood.

Lean fish like cod, catfish, and mahi-mahi have less fat in their tissues, so they pack less fatty acids, she recently reported for Medical HealthNews.

Nonetheless, Mikstas recommends that pregnant mothers should avoid big fatty fish like albacore tuna, which may be high in mercury, and swordfish and prefer mussels, Atlantic and Pacific herring, wild salmon, anchovies, and trout that are practically zero with mercury.


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