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U.S. Senators Work Overtime To Amend, Finish $1T Infra Bill

Nearing decision time, senators struggled late Thursday to wrap up work on the bipartisan infrastructure plan despite hopes to expedite consideration and voting on the nearly $1 trillion proposal, Kevin Freking and Lisa Mascaro reported for the Associated Press (AP).

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The package had appeared on track for eventual Senate passage, a rare accord between Republicans and Democrats joining on a shared priority that also is essential to President Joe Biden’s agenda.

But senators hit new problems as they worked late into the night on amendments. A procedural vote was set for Saturday.

“We’ve worked long hard and collaboratively, to finish this important bipartisan bill.” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., just before midnight. In announcing Saturday’s schedule, he said. “We very much want to finish.”

Called the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the thick bill is the first part of Biden’s infrastructure agenda and would inject billions of new spending on roads, bridges, waterworks, broadband, and other projects to virtually every corner of the nation. If approved by the Senate, it would next go to the House.

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The late-night session stalled out as new debates emerged over proposed amendments to change the 2,700-page package. Senators have processed nearly two dozen amendments so far, and none has substantially changed the framework of the public works package.

With more than a dozen amendments still to go, senators struggled to reach agreements.


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