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U.S. Steps Up Monitoring Russian Forces To Deter Nuke Attacks

The United States and its allies have stepped up surveillance of all Russian forces to prevent them from launching attacks using tactical nuclear weapons, Kyiv Independent reported.

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Five current and former US officials interviewed by Politico said allied intelligence agencies must increase their efforts to detect any Russian military moves that might signal Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has ordered the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

The move included tasking additional U.S. and allied intelligence assets — in the air, space and cyberspace — and relying more heavily on commercial satellites to analyze Russian units in the field that might be in position to receive a nuclear strike order, one of the officials said.

Reuters also reported that the US is preparing a $1.1-billion arms package for Ukraine that will be announced in the coming days.

The latest installment of weapons will likely include HIMARS launcher systems and accompanying munitions, different counter-drone and radar systems, along with spares, training, and technical support, a source briefed on the plan told Reuters.

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CNN reported that the White House has requested $35 million to assist Ukraine's nuclear security. The funds would be used “to support procurement and maintenance of additional sensors, data assessment, and analysis, and to supply the Ukrainian National Guard with protective capabilities at nuclear power plants.”

Russia has been using the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in occupied Enerhodar as a base to launch attacks on Ukraine, putting the world’s nuclear security under threat.

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On the battlefield, Ukraine’s General Staff reported that Russia has lost 57,750 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24. By Sept. 27, Russia had lost 2,306 tanks, 4,881 armored fighting vehicles, 3,730 vehicles and fuel tanks, 1,378 artillery systems, 331 multiple launch rocket systems, 175 air defense systems, 261 airplanes, 224 helicopters, 977 drones, and 15 boats.

Lithuania is also providing nearly 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers with winter uniforms.

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According to Lithuanian media outlet Delfi, the country's Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said Lithuania will purchase winter uniforms "worth several million euros" and transfer them to Ukraine.

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