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DigiPlus Reports Impressive Growth With PHP4.1 Billion Net Income in 2023

DigiPlus Interactive Corporation (DigiPlus) has announced a remarkable achievement in its financial performance for the year 2023, revealing a net income of PHP4.1 billion. This represents an astonishing increase of 596% compared to the previous year.

In 2023, DigiPlus experienced a significant surge in revenues, reaching PHP27.3 billion, marking a remarkable 306% increase. I Photo: Talent Offline at DigiPlus

The company shared this information with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), attributing its outstanding performance to the continued expansion of its digital retail segment.

DigiPlus highlighted the introduction of new platforms and cost-efficiencies as key factors contributing to its success, as the business continues to grow in scale.

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In 2023, DigiPlus experienced a significant surge in revenues, reaching PHP27.3 billion, marking a remarkable 306% increase.

This growth was primarily fueled by higher user traffic on its flagship bingo platform, BingoPlus, and sportsbook ArenaPlus. The company also noted the positive impact of introducing new digital offerings to its portfolio.

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During the fourth quarter of 2023 alone, DigiPlus achieved a net income of PHP2.0 billion, representing a substantial 392% increase compared to the same period in 2022.

This robust performance was driven by the successful launch of new digital offerings, including Color Game, a livestreaming specialty game inspired by traditional Filipino carnival games.

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Revenues from the new offering grew by an impressive 331% to PHP11.3 billion.

DigiPlus reiterated its commitment to investing in new technologies and product development to establish a comprehensive digital entertainment ecosystem. The company aims to provide innovative and accessible digital offerings that cater to the diverse preferences of Filipino consumers.

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As part of its strategy to reach broader demographics, DigiPlus introduced new products such as Color Game, BingoPlus Poker, and TongitsPlus. These offerings aim to deliver traditional Filipino card games in digital formats while ensuring affordability and accessibility for users.

Andy Tsui, President of DigiPlus, expressed satisfaction with the sustained growth momentum across the company's digital offerings. He emphasized the company's optimism about future prospects and its dedication to delivering innovative and enjoyable digital experiences for Filipino consumers.

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